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Digitally programmable energy 1200 installation

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Power supplies from Kniel

Uncompromising quality, highly qualified engineering, exacting service - power supplies Kniel set standards. For your success. Founded in 1975, Helmut Kniel pursued from the outset a clear concept: specialization. By focusing on power supplies, in conjunction with one hundred percent in-house production, now as then, that degree is achieved on product quality, the power supplies Kniel has not only made legendary, but above all to a safe and sustainable investment in the future.

A philosophy which still has validity. In a time when electronic applications and components not only widespread, but have also become highly sensitive, one counts more than ever: the unconditional reliability of power supply.
We see ourselves as a manufacturer, but also as a service provider. In addition to pure standard products, we develop custom modifications or design and produce individual and highly specific solutions. Trust the Know-how and the stringent manufacturing and testing methods of a specialist in power supplies learn more

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Fixed voltages for 19” systems

Adjustable voltages for 19” systems

Programmable power supplies for 19” systems


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Fixed voltages for wall mounting

Adjustable voltages for wall mounting

Programmable power supplies for wall mounting

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Fixed voltages for DIN-rail mounting

Adjustable voltages for DIN-rail mounting

Programmable power supplies for DIN-rail mounting

Table top units

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